12/2/18 - John and Peters (New Hope, PA) [Nick Van Leer on Drums]

Set-1: Pileated Woodpecker, George the Electrician, James Joyce, Percocet, Ocean Pride, Ice Cubes and Chainsaws, Giant Chickens, Have You Ever, The Millennium Song

Set-2: The Beat Goes On, Mussolini’s Sister, Seven Merry Men, Staten Island Ferry, Take it Slow*


12/1/18 - Stella Blues (New Haven, CT) [Rob Madore on Drums]

Set-1: Ocean Pride, Giant Chickens, Percocet, Have You Ever, Flying in a Blue Dream* > George the Electrician

Set-2: The Beat Goes On > The Millennium Song, Pileated Woodpecker^, Staten Island Ferry, James Joyce

*Joe Satriani ^Faust in Bathroom

11/16/18 - Stosh’s (Fair Lawn, NJ) [Nick Van Leer on Drums]

Ocean Pride, Percocet, George the Electrician, Mussolini’s Sister, The Way He Rolls*, Gotta Serve Somebody#, Staten Island Ferry

*debut #debut written by Bob Dylan (Jared Styles on vocals/clapping - last 3 songs)

9/30/18 - Art in the Park - Rifle Camp Park (Woodland Park, NJ) [Nick Van Leer on Drums]

Ocean Pride, Have You Ever, Staten Island Ferry, Route 20, Mussolini’s Sister*

*with Jared Styles on vocals

9/22/18 - Stanhope House (Stanhope, NJ) [Phil Silverburg on Keys]

Oh, What a Day, Have You Ever, Mussolini’s Sister, Pileated Woodpecker*, Chill Bill’s a Clone, Amsterdam*, Paint a Picture, A Hard Day's Night*^

*debut, ^ written by The Beatles (Paint a Picture last played 6/5/10)

8/23/18 - Dey Mansion (Wayne, NJ)

Have You Ever, Ocean Pride, Route 20, Rosemarie, Maurice Selkirk’s Time Machine, My Backyard, Jimmy the Greek

8/16/18 - Passaic County Fair (Woodland Park, NJ) [Tom Nadolski on Bass]

Ocean Pride, Have You Ever, George the Electrician, Complex Motives, Rosemarie, Route 20, Staten Island Ferry*, El Paso

*Giada on Whammy pedal

7/15/18 - John and Peter’s (New Hope, PA) [Phil Silverburg on Keys, Nick Van Leer on Drums]

Set-1: El Paso, Ocean Pride, Seven Merry Men, Mussolini’s Sister, Percocet

Set-2: Have You Ever, The Beat Goes On, Complex Motives, A Sloppy Alibi*, James  Joyce


7/1/18 - Radio Bean (Burlington, VT) [Claybrook Griffith on Drums]

Sour Diesel > James Joyce, Ocean Pride* > Millennium Song, Ice Cubes and Chainsaws, The Beat Goes On, Giant Chickens, Complex Motives, El Paso


6/30/18 - Stella Blues (New Haven, CT) [Claybrook Griffith on Drums]

Bobba Fett* > Ocean Pride, El Paso, Mussolini’s Sister, Themes from Blade Runner 2049# > Ice Cubes and Chainsaws, George the Electrician,  Pickle Bread, Staten Island Ferry

*debut (written by Sean Faust), #written by Zimmer/Vangelis

6/9/18 - Olives (Nyack, NY)

Set-1: Jimmy the Greek, Gibraltar, Amputated Minds, Mussolini’s Song, Ice Cubes and Chainsaws, When You’re In, Percocet, Rosemarie, Lettuce, Oh, What a Day

Set-2: Asexual Martians > The Millennium Song > Giant Chickens, Lillian White > Search Within, El Paso, The Beat Goes On

Set-3: George the Electrician > Asexual Martians, K. 205, Hickory Smoked Bacon, Sheriff on the Mule, Complex Motives, The Anniversary, Mary Jane’s Last Dance*

*Bass/Guitar Switch

5/2/18 - Sidewalk Cafe (New York, NY)

Ocean Pride, Zinfandel, George the Electrician, Staten Island Ferry, Rosemarie, Mussolini’s Sister

4/28/18 - Sticks & Stones (Hawthorne, NJ)

Set-1: Mussolini’s Sister, Ocean Pride, Rosemarie, When You’re In*, Sour Diesel, Maurice Selkirk’s Time Machine^, Percocet, Gibraltar

Set-2: Staten Island Ferry, Lettuce, Handle with Care, Hickory Smoked Bacon^, My Backyard, Seven Merry Men, Chill Bill’s a Clone^

* Overture by The Who tease, ^ w/ Jared Styles (vocals)

4/20/18 - Stanhope House (Stanhope, NJ)

Sour Diesel* > When You’re In, Ocean Pride, Lettuce, George the Electrician, Percocet, Staten Island Ferry


3/4/18 - John & Peter's (New Hope, PA)

Set-1: Gibraltar, Lettuce, Handle with Care, Mussolini’s Sister, Rosemarie, Giant Chickens, Tornado, Ocean Pride, Search Within, My Backyard

Set-2: Have You Ever, George the Electrician* > Jimmy the Greek, Zinfandel, Chill Bill’s a Clone, Accidentally Yours, James Joyce, George the Electrician^

*unfinished, ^finished

2/24/18 - Sticks & Stones (Hawthorne, NJ)

Jimmy the Greek, Kimbo, Rosemarie, Hee-Haw*, Staten Island Ferry, Mussolini’s Sister, Asexual Martians

*w/ Jared Styles

1/26/18 - The Clash Bar (Clifton, NJ)

Ocean Pride, Chill Bill’s a Clone, Lettuce, Gibraltar, All Good Things, Staten Island Ferry,  Hickory Smoked Bacon

12/21/17 - Sticks & Stones (Hawthorne, NJ)

Ocean Pride, George the Electrician > Staten Island Ferry, Handle with Care, Jimmy the Greek, The Millennium Song

12/3/17 - John and Peter’s (New Hope, NJ)

Set-1: Asexual Martians, Kimbo, Knitting, The Original Song > George the Electrician, Rosemarie, Laugh and Feel Fine, Gibraltar, Mussolini’s Sister, Hot Green Car

Set-2: Percocet, Accidentally Yours, Route 20 > Jimmy the Greek, The Millennium Song, Seven Merry Men, Lettuce, Handle with Care, Manic Depression > Chill Bill’s a Clone, My Backyard

11/19/17 - The Local (Point Pleasant, PA)

Set-1: James Joyce, The Beat Goes On > Staten Island Ferry, Have You Ever, Rosemarie, Gibraltar, Ice Cubes and Chainsaws, Mussolini’s Sister, Oh, What a Day

Set-2: Ocean Pride > Jimmy the Greek, Millennium Song > Asexual Martians > Millennium Song, While My Guitar Gently Weeps*, Handle with Care, Mary Jane's Last Dance > Tornado, Lettuce, K. 205

*Pixxie on Vocals (written by George Harrison)

11/18/17 - Sidewalk Cafe (New York, NY)

Staten Island Ferry, Dry Erase Marker, Lettuce, Accidentally Yours, Hickory Smoked Bacon

11/17/17 - Sticks and Stones (Hawthorne, NJ)

Giant Chickens > Ocean Pride, The Anniversary, Rt. 20, My Backyard > Asexual Martians*, Ice Cubes and Chainsaws, Rosemarie > Giant Chickens

* first ½ only

11/3/17 - Debonair Music Hall (Teaneck, NJ)

Jimmy the Greek, Laugh and Feel Fine, The Anniversary, George the Electrician, Ice Cubes and Chainsaws, Handle With Care#, Hercules* > Chill Bill’s a Clone* > Hercules*, Hickory Smoked Bacon*, Gibraltar* > Ten Years Gone%

# The Traveling Wilburys * w/Jared Styles on Vocals % Led Zeppelin

10/8/17 - Otto’s (New York, NY)

Mussolini’s Sister, Staten Island Ferry, Giant Chickens, Accidentally Yours, Hickory Smoked Bacon, Dry Erase Marker > Jimmy the Greek

10/5/17 - John and Peter’s (New Hope, PA)

Set-1: Lettuce, Accidentally Yours, Hickory Smoked Bacon, Gibraltar, Rosemarie, Tornado, Mussolini’s Sister, K. 205 > The Millennium Song, My Backyard, Manic Depression#

Set-2: Staten Island Ferry*, Ocean Pride, Mary Jane’s Last Dance*^, James Joyce*, Knitting, Kimbo > Roses are Free** (instrument switch) > Kimbo

* w/ Dean Ween # Jimi Hendrix ^ Tom Petty **Ween

9/30/17 - Art in the Park Festival (Hawthorne, NJ)

Ocean Pride, Gibraltar, My Backyard, George the Electrician, Oh, What a Day, Asexual Martians

9/9/17 - Upstream Grille (Lake Hopatcong, NJ)

Set-1: Mussolini’s Sister, Ocean Pride, Knitting, Gibraltar, Rosemarie, The Beat Goes On*, Giant Chickens, Jimmy the Greek

Set-2: Asexual Martians, Hickory Smoked Bacon, Search Within, Lettuce, My Generation**, James Joyce

Set-3: George the Electrician > Chill Bill’s a Clone > George the Electrician, Staten Island Ferry, Tornado, Zinfandel, Have You Ever

*Sonny and Cher, **The Who

8/17/17 - Oak Ale House (Maywood, NJ)

Set-1: Tornado, All Good Things, The Original Song, Staten Island Ferry, Search Within*

Set-2: Manic Depression, Giant Chickens, Maurice Selkirk’s Time Machine, Lettuce > George the Electrician, Zinfandel, Hickory Smoked Bacon, Detroit Rock City, Mussolini’s Sister, Gibraltar

*bass amp breaks

7/20/17 - Oak Ale House (Maywood, NJ)

Set-1: Mussolini's Sister, Hickory Smoked Bacon, Rosemarie, Manic Depression*> Chill Bill's a Clone, Search Within*, K. 205, The Beat Goes On*> Asexual Martians

Set-2: Detroit Rock City*, My Generation*, Kimbo> Millennium Song, George the Electrician> Jimmy the Greek> Ocean Pride, Hot Green Car, Giant Chickens

*first time played

6/15/17 - Oak Ale House (Maywood, NJ)

Set-1: When You’re In, Have You Ever, Knitting, Millennium Song, Gibraltar, George the Electrician, Mussolini's Sister > Chill Bill’s a Clone, Jimmy the Greek, Giant Chickens

Set-2: Oh, What a Day, Ocean Pride, Staten Island Ferry, Seven Merry Men, Asexual Martians

6/10/17 - Sticks and Stones (Hawthorne, NJ)

Staten Island Ferry, Oh, What a Day, James Joyce, Asexual Martians, Hot Green Car, Chill Bill’s a Clone

4/13/17 - Oak Ale House (Maywood, NJ)

Set-1: Ocean Pride, The Original Song, Jimmy the Greek, All Good Things, Knitting, Rosemarie, Tornado, Oh, What a Day, Lettuce, Gibraltar

Set-2: The Beat Goes On, Kimbo, Asexual Martians, Pistachio Man, When You’re In, Staten Island Ferry, Giant Chickens

4/29/17 - Mexicali Live (Teaneck, NJ)

Maurice Selkirk’s Time Machine, Kimbo, Staten Island Ferry, Rosemarie, Mussolini’s Sister, Ocean Pride, Hot Green Car*, When You’re In**, The Beat Goes On, Oh, What a Day

*First time played (Sean Faust) **First time played (Pink Floyd) [Rosemarie > Hot Green Car with Mandolin Pete]

3/24/17 - The Ship Inn (Milford, NJ)

Set-1: Ocean Pride, Knitting, Jimmy the Greek, Happy Birthday*, Rosemarie, Mussolini’s Sister, The Beat Goes On, James Joyce, Pistachio Man, Gibraltar

Set-2: Staten Island Ferry, Lettuce, Kimbo, The Millennium Song, Giant Chickens, Asexual Martians

*in celebration of Doris’ 88th Birthday

2/25/17 - Sticks and Stones (Hawthorne, NJ)

Knitting, All Good Things, The Original Song, Lettuce, Mussolini's Sister, Oh, What a Day, Staten Island Ferry, Ocean Pride>Jimmy the Greek, Asexual Martians

2/17/17 - John and Peters (New Hope, NJ)

Gibraltar, All Good Things, Lettuce, Oh, What a Day, James Joyce, Mussolini’s Sister, Tornado, Asexual Martians, Chill Bill’s a Clone, Maurice Selkirk’s Time Machine

9/23/16 - The BLVD (Elmwood Park, NJ)

Set-1: Jimmy the Greek, Knitting, All Good Things, Ocean Price, The Millennium Song, Have You Ever, The Original Song, Gibraltar, Hickory Smoked Bacon, Mussolini's Sister, Oh, What a Day*

Set-2: Maurice Selkirk's Time Machine, Staten Island Ferry, Seven Merry Men, Lettuce, Chill Bill's a Clone, Tornado, Asexual Martians, James Joyce, K. 205, Leaving*

*first time played [from Maurice Selkirk's Time Machine --> K. 205, Jared Styles was present on Vocals]

7/22/16 - Mexicali Live (Teaneck, NJ)

Ocean Pride, The Original Song*, Tornado, Chill Bill's a Clone, James Joyce*, All Good Things*, Jimmy the Greek, Maurice Selkirk's Time Machine, Dry Erase Marker, Asexual Martians

*first time played